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Car share Brisbane: now you can hire cars from your neighbours by the hour or day


Brisbane locals looking for an alternative to owning a car can now rent cars from neighbours by the hour or day through Australia’s first peer-to-peer car share platform, Car Next Door. Neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing is a cheaper, greener way to use the cars that are already in our neighbourhoods.

Own a car? Rent it to your neighbours when you’re not using it, and offset the costs of ownership. You're covered by comprehensive insurance, 24/7 member support and roadside assist and GPS car tracking.

Need a car? Get access to a fleet of different vehicles near your home for a low hourly or daily rate.

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How renting out your car helps your neighbours live car-free


Jennifer and her family haven’t owned a car since they moved back to Melbourne after living overseas. They were among the first to join Car Next Door when in launched in Melbourne in 2014, and have been active car-sharers ever since.

The family chooses not to own a car mainly for environmental reasons, but also because it saves them money and lets them choose different cars to suit different trips.

“I think it’s really nice that the car owner has been willing to put their car out for people like me to use - I guess it’s a slight risk, and they don’t necessarily earn a lot, so I’m really grateful that they’re willing to put it out there,” says Jennifer.

“It’s really helpful to have the service available for people like us, because it means we can choose not to own a car.”

Why I rent my car out: a Melbourne car owner explains what sharing means to him


While earning money by renting their car out is welcome, it's not the key reason why Doug and Sally decided to rent their car with Car Next Door. It's part of their commitment to using resources more efficiently through sharing.

Having the income coming in to cover the insurance and rego means that Doug and Sally can use their car when we want to, but without the financial burden of paying for the standing costs and having it sit idle.

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Give $150, Get $150 when your friend lists their car in June


Just last month we added an extra 43 cars to the platform. We're aiming to bring you another 60 cars before the end June to reach a total of 500 cars shared, but we need your help to get the word out. Know anyone with an idle car? Let them know they could put it to work with Car Next Door.

Our service grows by word of mouth, and we want to reward you for helping us grow.

From now until the end of June, if you refer a friend who lists their car, we'll give you both $150 credit. For car owners, that means an extra $150 bonus income, and for car borrowers, you'll get $150 driving credit.

If they list their car before June 30, you'll both get $150 bonus credit when they make their car available for rent for the first time. They just need to mention you full name when signing up to grab this limited offer.

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How to Explain Peer-to-Peer Car Share To Your Friends

If we had a dollar for every time someone asked: "But what about insurance?" in these situations, we'd have plenty of dollars by now. And since people often tell us that they struggle to come up with clear and simple answers to these common questions, we thought we'd put together a quick cheat-cheat.

Bookmark this page, and whip it out whenever you're at a loss for words!

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Our Newcastle Car Share Road Trip


Car Next Door team members Julia & Fiona headed north to launch Car Next Door in Newcastle earlier this month. The whole Car Next Door team are really excited to be expanding our peer-to-peer car sharing platform to our first regional city. We asked them to tell us a bit about their road trip and why they think Newcastle will embrace this new car share option.