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We value who you are, not where you are – you’re welcome to work from home, another timezone or one of our global offices.
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Flexible working

I've worked remotely from Japan, the USA, and Italy without missing a beat, due to the company's commitment to remote-first working.

We value the work you do rather than where you do it. There’s more to life than work, and we know that being in an office every day isn’t always convenient.

Here you can work on your own terms, whenever and wherever you need to. Work adjusted hours to accomodate your family commitments, work from home to avoid the commute, or even work from another country and timezone, temporarily or permanently.

If you do want a desk in one of our offices, you’re welcome to pull up a chair any time. You’ll find everything you need to get your job done, plus a friendly group of colleagues and plenty of snacks. 

Andrew, Customer Experience Manager

100+ employees working from 11 locations

30% of employees regularly work from home

Asana, Slack and Zoom help us work asynchronously


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