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Cheap car hire in Cannon Hill, QLD | Hourly and daily rental

Car Next Door lets you rent your neighbour's vehicle from $5 an hour or $25 a day, fully insured.

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Angie’s profile picture

2007 Nissan X-Trail

Princess Street, Bulimba QLD

Owner: Angie

Transmission: Manual

Hourly Rate: $7.50

Daily Rate: $37.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)

Features: Child Seat, Folding Rear Seat, Air Conditioning


This is a great car for getting about the city or taking a trip to the Gold or Sunshine Coasts. Choose from a sunroof that opens to allow the fresh air and sunshine in, or lovely cool air- conditioning. Tinted windows, Child booster seat (age 5+) front bull bar and spotlights are some other features that may interest you. This vehicle has a 4WD capacity however must not be taken off road. We would love to hear from you if you have questions, but not if you can take it off road please :)

30 Total trips

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James’ profile picture

2010 Nissan Maxima

Harcourt Street, Teneriffe QLD

Owner: James

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $8.00

Daily Rate: $33.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)

Features: Air Conditioning, AUX Input


Large spacious car with comfortable seats and plenty of space in the back seat. Large boot space but seats do NOT fold down. Front seats include electronic adjustment on the side with seat warmers located in the arm rest console. Car has bluetooth connectivity.

147 Total trips

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Fejiro’s profile picture

2017 Toyota Camry

Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove QLD

Owner: Fejiro

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $10.00

Daily Rate: $39.00

Rate per km: $0.45 (includes fuel)

Features: Folding Rear Seat, GPS, Air Conditioning, AUX Input


Features: 17 Inch Alloy Wheels Body Kit Digital Audio Broadcast Radio + Fog Lights - Front Leather Accented Gear Knob Leather Accented Steering Wheel Multi Function Steering Wheel Rear Spoiler Satellite Navigation Side Front Air Bags Spare Wheel - Full Size Alloy Wheel Voice Recognition System

70 Total trips

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