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2013 Toyota Corolla

Moore Street, Leichhardt NSW

Owner: Steven

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $7.00

Daily Rate: $30.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


This is a 2013 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hatch. Car is an auto with a metallic orange/red colour so you stand out in the croud. The Corolla is a step up from the basic Yaris and you certainly feel the difference. The biggest difference you notice is the higher output from the motor. If you are cruising the highway, this car effortlessly gets up to speed and holds it nicely. Car is fitted with a few handy things to make your travels a breeze. It has cruise control, air conditioning, power windows and reversing camera. Rear seats do fold down, so if you are moving a bit of stuff around you have a good boot load of space to do it. If you are going for a long drive in the country it is even fitted with a RooShu to keep those Kangaroos away. This car hasn't got the CND stickers attached, so if you want to simply blend into the crowd then this is the car for you. GPS in the glove box if required, iPhone/Android cable in the centre console, and phone holder on the windscreen. The 2013 Toyota Corolla also has a 5 Star ANCAP rating with 7 air bags. So drive with confidence knowing your safety is at the highest level.

110 Total trips

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2012 Subaru Impreza

Rofe Street, Leichhardt NSW

Owner: Adam

Transmission: Manual

Hourly Rate: $6.00

Daily Rate: $30.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


Comfortable modern car. Six speed manual gearbox --> fun to drive! Fold the back seats down for lots of carrying space. Reversing camera for easy parking. Has TWO forward facing child seats -- sometimes installed, sometimes they are in the boot. If you don't need to use them they are easy to uninstall, or I will happily remove them from the car entirely with enough notice, if you need the space. If you DO want to use the kids seats, contact me for more info with enough notice and I'll make sure they are in the car and installed for you.

16 Total trips