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    Cheap small car hire in Kensington, NSW | Hourly and daily rental

    Car Next Door lets you rent your neighbour's vehicle from $5 an hour or $25 a day, fully insured.

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    Cayle’s profile picture

    2010 Toyota Yaris

    Boronia Street, Kensington NSW

    Owner: Cayle

    Transmission: Manual

    Hourly Rate: $5.00

    Daily Rate: $25.00

    Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


    It is a small manual Toyota 2010 Yarris 5door hatchback. It handles really easily, the clutch is great and there is PLENTY of room for people's legs and luggage. There is 2 front airbags, and 3 point seat belts for all five passengers so it's much safer than your typical borrow.  It's also really petrol efficient so much better for the environment than the 18 wheeler Humvee limousine you are used to driving! Plus it's really easy to park! It takes unleaded petrol or E10 (10% ethanol) petrol. There is also an AUX input, USB input and bluetooth input for your iPod/phone/etc. So you can listen to your music/GPS, make phone calls through the sounds system (it cuts the music if a phone call comes through while you're driving) and you can charge your phone! I have put a micro USB, AUX input, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 charger in the glove box as well as some Minties lollies, moisturizer, bottled water and hand sanitizer so help yourself! HOW GOOD IS THAT?

    124 Total trips

    Mark’s profile picture

    2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

    Salisbury Road, Kensington NSW

    Owner: Mark

    Transmission: Automatic

    Hourly Rate: $6.00

    Daily Rate: $35.00

    Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


    This is a Swift Sport with tuned suspension, sport seats, and a zippy 100kw engine - it's a real pleasure to drive. The car has a forward facing booster seat, suitable for ages 4 and up. Uses the car seatbelt. Other features include - Keyless entry - Push button start - Automatic (CVT) with manual mode paddle shifters - Leather steering wheel - USB port - 17" Alloy Wheels - 6 speaker stereo. It has a small boot, but with the rear seats folded down, you can fit a huge amount of gear in. A 2012 model, she's in great shape, inside and out. I love driving this car and you will too!

    120 Total trips

    Amel’s profile picture

    2017 Mitsubishi Mirage

    Doncaster Avenue, Kensington NSW

    Owner: Amel

    Transmission: Automatic

    Hourly Rate: $5.75

    Daily Rate: $32.00

    Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


    The car is nimble and easy to drive. The car is also very easy to Park and fits into designated small car spots around the city. It has both AUX input and Bluetooth available and is comfortable and great for road trips.

    43 Total trips

    Kuhu’s profile picture

    2005 Toyota Yaris

    Milroy Avenue, Kensington NSW

    Owner: Kuhu

    Transmission: Automatic

    Hourly Rate: $5.80

    Daily Rate: $29.00

    Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


    - Great city car - easy to park in the smallest of spaces. - Automatic - Fuel efficient -Deceptively spacious -Adjustable boot size/back seat leg room -Strong aircon/heating

    24 Total trips