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2005 Holden VZ Lumina

Barkly Street, Brunswick VIC

Owner: Vanessa

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $6.00

Daily Rate: $30.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


My surf mobile is a lovely dark blue reliable Holden Station Wagon. The roof racks are pretty handy and so is the space when all the seats are put down. This car is easy to drive and is pretty comfortable. A/C, power steering and cruise control are also an added bonus. I sometimes bring my dog with me. He is a Staffy and we put him on his bed and a liner for the seats when he comes with me. I hope you will find my car useful for those trips where a small car just will not do..

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2001 Holden Commodore

Bakery Street, Brunswick VIC

Owner: Matthew

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $15.00

Daily Rate: $24.99

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


X Tradie gotten him looking good again :) however does have a few marks here and there noting big. Has aircon power steering. Remote button currently not working you Just have to open the door with the key, looking to get it replaced soon. Lots of room cheap rate. Available for weeks away or a few days. Everything working in it just had major service done 10/12/2016 and car just detailed and new tyre. 21/12/2016 just added $1000 sound system with bluetooth hands free calling , touch screen swipe on screen to find menu you want :) USB cord in glove box. Easy to find located seconds from train station.

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2008 Ford Falcon

Austral Avenue, Brunswick VIC

Owner: James

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $7.00

Daily Rate: $35.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


Superb vehicle for open road, touring, big shopping trip, festival, and towing. Big roomy interior, towbar and roof racks, powerful engine, cruise control, and runs on LPG so it's super efficient. LOADS of cabin space and room in the back; rear seats fold flat. You can't quite swing a cat, but you could probably swing a kitten. We took her on a road trip to Gold Coast with four people plus luggage, in comfort. There is a little steering wheel shaking that happens when braking softly from above 80kph. This is not a problem, the brake discs just need to be smoothed which we will do in the next few months. This is in no way a safety issue, please don't worry! Electric front windows and mirrors, steering-mounted cruise and stereo controls ("drive by wire"), great air conditioning, and plenty of get-up-and-go (sports semi-auto transmission with optional manual shifter, if that matters to you). When you stomp your foot down she jumps like a frog from 100kph to 130kph in about 10 seconds for passing on the highway. For those of you who like cars with names, she's called "Betty". She's pretty maternal and will look after you rain or shine. :-) In the back there is a small plastic tub with first aid kit, ratchet strap, a couple of stretch straps, a couple of head torches with spare batteries, and a blanket, in case of emergencies. There are also a rope, fold-up shovel, and a small tarp stashed behind the spare wheel in the back. Wheel jack is in the panel behind the spare wheel. Reusable shopping bags are tucked under the driver seat. If you happen to use up, lose, or break anything, please replace it before you return the car. Drive safe and have a great time!

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2006 Holden Viva

De Carle Street, Brunswick VIC

Owner: Junbin

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $5.00

Daily Rate: $25.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)


The wagon is easy to drive and easy to park. A use charger and a car phone holder are provided. Seat covers are washed regularly for hygiene. There is sufficient space in the boot, which, with the back seats pulled down, can even carry bikes! Strong AC and tanned windows are at your service in hot summer days. Airbags, a recent roadworthy certificate and a spare tyre with tools are for your safety. Have a lovely trip!

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