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Cheap van hire in Kew, VIC | Hourly and daily rental

Car Next Door lets you rent your neighbour's vehicle from $5 an hour or $25 a day, fully insured.

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Michael’s profile picture

2016 Ford Transit

Park Crescent, Kew VIC

Owner: Michael

Transmission: Manual

Hourly Rate: $19.00

Daily Rate: $58.00

Rate per km: $0.45 (includes fuel)

Features: Air Conditioning, AUX Input


This van is a long wheel base with a low roof and is very easy to drive, just like a large car. It is in almost brand new condition and is my work vehicle - so please treat it with care and respect. It has a huge cargo area, perfect for swallowing up furniture, plants, tools or whatever you need to cart. Featuring a large sliding door and full width double barn doors at the rear. The roof has fold down roof rails for ladders etc. It is a diesel with a six-speed manual gear box. It is not an automatic. The driving cab is spacious and fits three adults in comfort, with aircon, Bluetooth and six air bags. This is one of the best vans around. It has parking sensors front and rear with a reversing camera to making parking a snap. There is a roof liner in the cargo with numerous tie down points for load. It'll swallow a queen-size bed in one bite! Cargo area dimensions: Length is 2700mm Width at wheel arches is 1380 mm Width to walls is 1640mm Height floor to roof is 1390mm Rear barn door opening: Width 1380mm / Height 1300mm

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Adrian’s profile picture

2014 Mercedes-Benz Vito 115

Malin Street, Kew VIC

Owner: Adrian

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $16.00

Daily Rate: $60.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)

Features: GPS, Air Conditioning, AUX Input


This is a great van, Automatic, cruise and aircon. There is a solid carpeted partition behind the seats so the cabin and rear are seperate. Also allowing the cabin to be airconditioned very quickly. Plus the partition keeps everything in the back where it's meant to be! It makes for a much quieter drive too. There is a reversing camera to make parking easy. In the rear has 6 tie-down points to secure your load. Sliding doors and the rear door make loading a breeze. Plenty of room in the Cargo area . There is a cradle to sit your phone in if you use it for Google Maps, or to talk on speaker! There is a GPS stuck to the dash. It has a flat battery but works fine while the car is running! Otherwise there is a Melways in the passenger door. If you happen to need it, there is a 1st Aid Kit in the drivers door!

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Muktadir’s profile picture

2003 Mitsubishi Express

Hyton Crescent, Kew VIC

Owner: Muktadir

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $7.50

Daily Rate: $50.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)

Features: Pet Friendly, Air Conditioning


The car is very easy to drive. It is an automatic with a one tonne carriage. Being a two seater, there is a plenty of room for carry.the length is 5065mm width is 1695mm and height 1960mm

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Le’s profile picture

2001 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Isabella Grove, Hawthorn VIC

Owner: Le

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $8.00

Daily Rate: $50.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)

Features: Air Conditioning


This van has 2 seats perfect for moving house, holiday trips, weekends away, camping, relocating or moving pieces of furniture as it is very spacious on the inside while being easy to drive and park. The van is also a great vehicle for carrying heavy loads. The height of the van 2400mm. Dimensions internal space: Long 3230mm, Wide 1630mm, Height 1660mm. A broom available inside the vehicle if it needs a sweep. It comes with a trolly, a moving blanket and 2 straps. It even has A/C and radio to make your trip even more enjoyable. THE CAR IS A DIESEL ENGINE, PLEASE DO NOT PUT PETROL IN THE TANK. Thank you!

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Morgan’s profile picture

2014 Hyundai Imax

Shamrock St, Abbotsford VIC

Owner: Morgan

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $11.00

Daily Rate: $66.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)

Features: Air Conditioning, AUX Input


Whether you want move stuffs around town or go for a trip out of Melbourne with your gears, this car will do the job as confortably and secure as you wish. This 2014 Hyunday iMax has all the features you will need : - underground PRIVATE PARKING, accessible by TRAM 109 or 12 - power steering - diesel automatic 5 speed - reverse camera - auxiliary input and CD reader for the nostalgics! (no tape reader sorry...) - bluetooth - cruise control - AC - internal cargo dims are L=2.60m, H=1.25m, W= up to 1.40m but bear in mind that it gets narrower to 1.20m around the rear wheels. For those who are wondering, yes a queen size mat fit in, but only in diagonal and probably a little bent as well so there won't much room left for other items. There is only two seats, driver and front passenger.

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Matthew’s profile picture

2005 Mitsubishi Express

Hofert Ln, Richmond VIC

Owner: Matthew

Transmission: Manual

Hourly Rate: $8.50

Daily Rate: $44.50

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)



Bazza is a workvan. Bazza will not: - improve your chances of getting a date - keep you perfectly chilled on a hot Summer's day - soothe your ears with beautiful music - knead your buttocks while you drive Bazza will: - majestically transport you, a friend and ABSOLUTELY TONS of your gear (that's pretty much his life passion - Ikigai!) - think loving thoughts about you while you drive him - be really easy to drive and park - protect you from any threatening bulls with his magnificent bull bar - be a great workvan Bazza's internal space (carpeted floor) is 1.5m wide (1.05m between wheel arches) x 1.2m high x 2.2m deep. The rear door is 1.25m wide by 1.15m high. And if you haven't used CarNextDoor before then you can get $15 free credit by signing up through Bazza's link:

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Patrick’s profile picture

2003 Toyota Hiace

Brockenshire St, Clifton Hill VIC

Owner: Patrick

Transmission: Manual

Hourly Rate: $9.00

Daily Rate: $45.00

Rate per km: $0.45 (includes fuel)

Features: Folding Rear Seat, Pet Friendly, Air Conditioning, Roof Racks


Plenty of room to transport items easily. Enough room for a queen mattress inside. Space is approx 2.4m long, 1.55m wide, 1.15m between wheel arches and 1.35m high. Good van to drive, manual (5 speed) with good pick up, stereo, cold air conditioning. Has rear seat for three that will fold forward if space required at back. Has roof racks running virtually full length of van so extra long items not a problem. Ratchet straps provided.

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Thomas’ profile picture

2000 Toyota Hiace

Muriel Street, Northcote VIC

Owner: Thomas

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $8.00

Daily Rate: $45.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)

Features: Pet Friendly, Air Conditioning, AUX Input, Roof Racks


The van is set up to help you move things. Provided are some straps and a hand broom. The roof rack is perfect for any bulky items that won't fit in the back. Huge cargo area for all your furniture. See approximate dimensions below. There is an amazing stereo with usb and aux input. Cargo space: Floor: 285cmx150cm (110cm between wheel arches)

704 Total trips

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Alice’s profile picture

2004 Volkswagen Transporter

Dwyer Street, Clifton Hill VIC

Owner: Alice

Transmission: Manual

Hourly Rate: $13.00

Daily Rate: $63.00

Rate per km: $0.33 (includes fuel)

Features: Folding Rear Seat, Pet Friendly, Air Conditioning, AUX Input


Meet Suzy! This fancy gal is a versatile and reliable van with plenty of tricks up her sleeve. She's the perfect partner for hassle free house moves, IKEA missions, hefty gumtree purchases, you name it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suzy has a rear bench seat that can be tucked away to create a cargo area approximately 5.8m3 - INSIDE: 170cm wide / 138cm tall / 200cm long OUTSIDE: 190cm tall --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fitted with icy air con, a toasty heater, central locking, electric windows, carpeted rear, tinted windows, beaut sound system, cruise control and a powerful 6-speed engine, you may even forget you're driving a van! Plus she's got a lot of grunt for big hills and overtaking :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extras include an AUX cord, an android charger, an iPhone charger, emergency sunglasses, tissues, a mix of CD's, a first aid kit and sunscreen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonus: Suzy's favourite drink is Diesel and she rarely gets thirsty, meaning you're less likely to need a pit stop that cuts into your booking time! There's also unlimited free parking on our street, so if you need to leave a car here while you borrow Suzy then you won't get a fine.

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Jeffrey’s profile picture

2016 Hyundai iLoad

Ramsden St, Clifton Hill VIC

Owner: Jeffrey

Transmission: Automatic

Hourly Rate: $8.80

Daily Rate: $55.50

Rate per km: $0.45 (includes fuel)

Features: Pet Friendly, GPS, Air Conditioning, AUX Input


Short version: 🚐 Automatic 🚐 5 door (sliding doors on both sides) 🚐 Bluetooth, Apple Carplay, Android Auto 🚐 Large touch screen with reversing camera 🚐 Multiple tie down points 🚐 Some large blankets, bungee cords, and tie down straps included 🚐 Can fit a queen size mattress (diagonal) Dimensions: 🚐 Van Height: 2200mm (2.20mm) 🚐 Cargo Length: 2375 mm (about 2.4m) 🚐 Cargo Width: 1620 mm (about 1.6m) 🚐 Cargo Height: 1340 mm (about 1.3m) 🚐 Distance between wheel arches 1272 mm Long Version: This iLoad is the easiest van I've ever driven: it's automatic, has a reverse camera, Apple Carplay/Android Auto/Bluetooth/AUX with a large touch screen to control it all - bring your mobile cable to plug into the van for GPS. It's nearly brand new, recently serviced, has new tyres, and runs well. It can carry a lot: over 1000kg in weight and can fit a queen sized mattress. Safety and comfort: Wood flooring/walls protect the van and airbags and 3 seats+seatbelts protect you. Heating + A/C, power steering, large mirrors etc make the trip very comfortable. Tying things down: There are many tiedown points available in the back. Bring your own cables but I'll include some straps and large blankets to make protecting your stuff a bit easier (please return these). If you've read this far: Thank you! I've left some micro-USB and Lightning-USB cables in the glovebox for CarPlay/AndroidAuto if you forgot yours. Please put them back for the next person. If you need more info about the van you can look here: and here for a glowing review

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