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    How to rent your car out

    If you're wondering "How can I rent out my car?", it's easy. You can rent out your car when you're not using it to trusted, insured borrowers and earn up to $7,000 a year in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We install the technology, drive it when you want, you set the rates.

    1List your car

    List your car

    We install technology to keep your car safe and let Borrowers get the keys.

    2Rates and availability

    Set rates & availability

    Drive when you want to, rent it out at other times. You set your car’s hourly and daily rates.

    3Rent it out

    Rent it out

    Instead of your car sitting doing nothing, let it earn its keep and help people get around.

    List your car

    Or check if your vehicle is eligible for renting.

    Owner video screen

    Car owners

    See how owners like Karl love using Car Next Door

    Watch the video

    Trust & Safety

    Insured Checklist

    Your car is fully insured

    Your car is covered against collision, theft and third party property damage, whether it’s being driven by you or a Borrower.

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    There are very few incidents of damage to cars, but rest assured, in the unlikely event that your car is damaged, it’s covered under our fleet insurance policy.

    If a Borrower damages your car and repairs are needed, the costs will be paid by them or by our insurer. You will not be out of pocket.

    We will be there to manage your claim with the insurer and get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

    If a Borrower was responsible for the damage, and you need a car while your car is in for repairs, you’re entitled to up to $30 a day (max 5 days) reimbursement for your alternative transport.

    This is enough for you to rent another Car Next Door vehicle.

    Want more detail? Check out this detailed explanation of Car Next Door’s insurance coverage.

    Borrower screening and etiquette

    Borrower screening and etiquette

    We screen Borrowers so that only careful drivers with a good credit history can borrow your car, and enforce policies including no smoking, keeping cars clean, on-time returns, and more.

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    Our members are strictly vetted. We check driving history, credit history, and I.D. We also work hard to build a community of trust and respect between our Owners and Borrowers. If a Borrower doesn’t abide by the rules of our community (which are set out in detail in the membership agreement (PDF) and summarised in our ‘Six Simple Rules for Car Sharing', they're out.

    24 hour support

    24 hour support

    Our friendly local member support team is on hand around the clock if you or your Borrowers need a hand. Your car is also covered by 24/7 Roadside Assistance from NRMA / RACV.

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    As part of your monthly membership with Car Next Door, you get free 24/7 roadside assistance with NRMA and RACV. Roadside Assist will come to your car (usually within an hour) to help you or your Borrowers in the case of a flat tyre, dead battery, accident, or any other disabling vehicle problem. Roadside Assistance includes:

    • 24/7 mechanical repairs nationwide
    • Flat battery and battery replacement (but you’ll need to pay for the cost of a new battery if one is required)
    • Lost, locked-in or damaged key assistance
    • Tyre changing help
    • Up to 20km free towing in metropolitan areas and
    • Free towing to the nearest service centre in regional areas

    If you already have roadside assistance, you can cancel it to save some cash

    A car for any occasion

    A car for any occasion

    Why be stuck driving just one car when there’s a whole fleet in your neighbourhood? If you need a Ute for a day; or an extra set of wheels now and then; or if your own car is out earning, you’ll always have wheels at the ready.

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    One of the best parts of Car Next Door is that you’ve essentially turned your one car into a whole fleet of cars. Need a 4WD to go skiing for the weekend? A ute to move house? A mini-van to haul around the visiting in-laws? Or a luxury car for a weekend away? Now you have access to all of those cars. And while you’re using one of those, your car could be making you money.

    Join our happy owners

    Testimonial jane

    My car has been used by Car Next Door for nearly 3 years. It's been perfect for me. I moved to an inner suburb in Melbourne and found I hardly needed my car but I didn't want to get rid of it at that time. Now other people use it too and it's been great. I rarely see the borrowers, it just comes and goes while I'm at work. It pays for itself now so I don't have to feel guilty about the expense.

    – Jane, Fitzroy VIC

    Testimonial chris

    They are a great team, good service. Easy. No hassles. I recommend this service to others. Why have your car sit idle - get it earning! I've had almost no damage to my car other than normal expected. Also, when an accident occurred (not a renter), Car Next Door sorted the insurance promptly. All good.

    – Chris, Summer Hill NSW

    Testimonial lizzy

    I rent my car out on Car Next Door and am so glad that when I am not using it, someone else can make the most of it. The system is easy and I feel safe knowing that Car Next Door organises everything for me, from the bookings, to the insurance, and any solving any other problems that may occur during the process. I would really recommend any car owner who doesn't use their car as often to put their car on the platform.

    – Lizzy, Neutral Bay NSW

    Get your car earning its keep

    Hassle-free earning

    Hassle-free earning

    It’s easy to manage your car’s bookings online from our desktop or mobile site. Most owners spendless than 30 minutes a month managing their shared car. Renters can pick up your car, drive, and return it without you needing to meet them.

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    There is no need to meet Borrowers before and after bookings to exchange keys. Our in-car technology enables secure & monitored access to strictly vetted Borrowers. Keys are collected from an electronic lockbox, which attaches to the rear window of your car (or other suitable location). Borrowers can generate a secure PIN just before their booking, which lets them open the lockbox and get the key.

    Get paid for doing good

    Get paid for doing good

    As well as earning money to offset the cost of owning your car, you’re helping your community. By renting your car out when you’re not using it, you’re helping others in your neighbourhood to live car-free or avoid having a second car.

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    We know that our love affair with cars is polluting the air, congesting our cities, and destroying our health – but after decades of car-centric planning, it’s hard for many people to give up car use altogether. The road to a better transport system is likely to be a long one. But we can put the brakes on the increase in per-capita vehicle ownership and use right now, by sharing the cars we’ve already got. Car sharing is an alternative to car ownership that lets people bridge the gap between complete car dependence and a car-free life. The City of Sydney commissioned a cost-benefit analysis of car sharing in 2012. The study found that a single shared car replaces up to 12 privately-owned cars. “Traditional” car sharing – where cars are owned by a company and parked around the streets for members to rent by the hour or day – is now well-established in Sydney and Melbourne, with operators like GoGet, Flexicar, Hertz On Demand and Green Share Car all offering car sharing services. Neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing aims to provide the same solution as traditional car sharing platforms, but by using the wasted cars that are already clogging up our streets.

    Pricing and plans

    Pricing and plans

    Car Next Door membership replaces your existing comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. Instead of sinking money into your insurance each month, you pay a low monthly membership fee that lets your car earn its keep.

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