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Is car sharing right for you?

Owning a car is getting more and more costly. You feel the pinch every time you fill up with fuel, when rego and insurance are due, and every time your car goes in for service. And the cost of depreciation hurts your wallet even when you aren’t driving!

If you don’t use your car every day, Car Next Door is an easy, reliable way to offset the costs of owning your car by renting out to a community of insured, trusted Borrowers while you aren’t using it. Join a community of over 70,000 car sharers and put your idle car to work.

Rent out your car
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How it works

In just a few simple steps, you can rent your car out to trusted, insured Borrowers and get paid for the time and distance travelled.

Create your car's profile

Add a few details about your car, upload a photo, set your availability, and we'll schedule your installation.

We handle the bookings

When one of our vetted Borrowers books your car, they can find the car and get the keys without you needing to meet them thanks to our unique lockbox technology.

Sit back and relax

Your car is covered by our comprehensive insurance for damage, theft or third-party property damage. You’re also backed up by 24-hour monitoring, roadside assistance and support.

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Let your car pay for itself

Your share of booking income can help offset the costs of ownership – like registration, depreciation and insurance.

And the money you earn per kilometre travelled covers fuel as well as wear and tear.

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Reduce wasted resources

Car-sharing reduces the number of cars on the road. By sharing your car, you’re helping people in your community get around. Every Car Next Door becomes a Greenfleet car, offsetting the emissions of Borrowers' trips in your car.

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Rent out your car

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Frequently asked questions

Borrowers use a fuel card that’s connected to your car’s account and you're reimbursed 13, 25, or 37 cents for every kilometre travelled by Borrowers, depending on the distance rate you choose. According to the NRMA, RACV and RACQ, this should be enough to cover fuel as well and other consumables like tyres.

Your car has comprehensive insurance for you and Borrowers. If a Borrower is responsible for the car when damage occurs, they will pay their damage cover liability (DCL) and our insurance will cover the rest. You can also nominate up to 5 additional drivers for friends and family.

We’ve got your back. If you receive a fine that was incurred while your car was with a Borrower, just notify us. We will get you the info you need to transfer the fine to the Borrower and compensate you for your time spent sorting it out.

Our Borrowers are pretty great and always try to return the car as they found it. If you ever find it returned excessively dirty, we’ll pay for the clean and compensate you for the inconvenience.

Other general maintenance is up to you and the 13, 25, or 37 cents per kilometre distance income compensates you for Borrowers’ share of tyre wear and servicing costs.

We supply you with a new toll tag that is connected to your car’s account so Borrowers pay for their tolls and you only pay for your tolls. We track who is driving when the tolls are incurred.

You set the availability of your car and when you car is not in use Borrowers can instantly book it. You can also set recurring blockouts if you need your car for a particular time or day each week.

This maximises the bookings you receive but for this system to work, you must always reserve your car for your own use. For most of us, this is a new way of thinking about our cars, and takes a bit of getting used to. The good news is that it's super easy to do through our mobile site or app.

We make sure your car will always be in good hands. All our Borrowers have had their identity verified against their licence (and passport for non-Australian drivers) and we run comprehensive credit checks and review known driving history.

Our friendly local member support team is on hand around the clock if you or your Borrowers need a hand. Your car is also covered by 24/7 Roadside Assistance from NRMA / RACV.

Our sharing plan

For just $60 per month, you get all of the benefits of Car Next Door's platform, including comprehensive insurance for you and up to five additional drivers – which means you can cancel your current policy.

There are no installation costs, no lock-in contracts and no cancellation fees.

24/7 support from Car Next Door
Manage bookings online or with the app
Instant bookings by vetted Borrowers
Comprehensive cover for Borrowers
Comprehensive cover for you + 5 drivers
Including 24/7 roadside assistance
Lockbox technology for key handover
GPS for automatic distance tracking
Toll tag for automatic toll handling
No booking fees when you borrow cars, utes or vans from other members
Your share of time-based income each month 50% up to $240,
75% after that
Your distance income 13, 25, or 37 cents per kilometre
Monthly fee $60/month
Earn $2000 your first year, guaranteed

If you’re in one of our target postcodes in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, we’ll guarantee that your car earns $2000 in its first year on the platform.

Conditions apply, learn more about our Income Guarantee

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