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Key Handover

A new way to share with Car Next Door

We're giving more people across Australia the opportunity to choose neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing with Key Handover – a new way to share with Car Next Door.

Key Handover is perfect for:

  • Occasional car sharing
  • Cars located outside capital cities
  • Cars parked in secured parking
  • Owners who drive frequently but still want to share

This new way of sharing lets you rent your car to trusted Borrowers with the peace of mind of insurance and ease of using Car Next Door.

We're opening up suburbs across NSW and VIC, with more states coming soon.

What is Key Handover?

Key Handover is a new sharing plan with no monthly fee and no installation necessary.

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We handle the bookings

We connect you with Borrowers and handle the payments. Your car is covered under Car Next Door’s comprehensive insurance policy during the booking.

Search hundreds of cars

You handle the keys

You and the Borrower arrange to handover the keys when the booking starts and ends.

Unlock and drive

You manage distance and tolls

After the booking, you check the odometer and confirm the distance travelled and report any incurred tolls.

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Frequently asked questions

You pay for all the fuel that goes into your car, but you're reimbursed for the fuel used by Borrowers. If a Borrower needs to fill up, they'll pay and send us the receipt - we'll reimburse them and pass the charge on to you. You're then reimbursed 13, 25, or 37 cents for every kilometre travelled by Borrowers, depending on the distance rate you choose. According to the NRMA, RACV and RACQ, this should be enough to cover fuel as well as other consumables like tyres.

Your car has comprehensive insurance while out with Borrowers. If a Borrower is responsible for the car when damage occurs, they will pay their Damage and Loss Liability and our insurance will cover the rest.

You'll need to keep your own insurance to cover the car at all other times.

We’ve got your back. If you receive a fine that was incurred while your car was with a Borrower, just notify us. We will get you the info you need to transfer the fine to the Borrower and compensate you for your time spent sorting it out.

Borrowers enter the odometer reading in the app at the start and end of their trip. You review these readings after each booking and confirm they've entered the correct details. We use these odometer readings to pay you your distance income each month.

Borrowers pay for their own tolls – simply keep your existing toll account, then submit your toll history to Car Next Door each month.

We’ll cross-check your statement with your car’s bookings and any tolls incurred during Borrower bookings will be reimbursed to you when we pay you your earnings for the month.

Borrowers can instantly book your car when you're not using it – just tell us when you need to use it and how much advance notice you need to handover the key, and we'll rent it out according to your availability. You can also set recurring blockouts if you need your car for a particular time or day each week.

We make sure your car will always be in good hands. All our Borrowers have had their identity verified against their licence (and passport for non-Australian drivers) and we run comprehensive credit checks and review known driving history.

Our friendly member support team is on hand around the clock if you or your Borrowers need a hand. Your car is also covered by 24/7 Roadside Assistance from NRMA / RACV.

Comparing plans

Key Handover

Meet up with Borrowers to share the key
Confirm reported distance after each trip
Submit toll history for reimbursement
Comprehensive insurance cover for Borrowers
Available in suburbs across NSW and VIC, with more states coming soon
No availability requirements

No monthly fee
  • Take home 60% of all time income
  • and 13, 25, or 37 cents per kilometre depending on the distance rate you choose.
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Instant Keys

Use our secure lockbox to share the key
Our GPS tracks distance automatically
Our toll tag handles tolls automatically
Comprehensive insurance cover for Borrowers
Available in selected suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Gold Coast

$19 monthly fee
  • Take home 60% of all time income
  • and 13, 25, or 37 cents per kilometre depending on the distance rate you choose.
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