Car Next Door's Owner Guarantee

If a Borrower damages your car during a booking and doesn't reimburse you, you can claim up to $50,000 under the Owner Guarantee.
Owner with her car
  • What's protected:

    • Damage to your car
    • Theft or loss of your car
    • Towing, storage and recovery charges
  • What's not protected:

    • Wear and tear
    • Loss of income
    • Loss or damage to non-standard modifications or accessories
    • Damage that can’t be attributed to a Borrower

How the Owner Guarantee works

When you list your car with Car Next Door, we agree to pay you (subject to the guarantee terms) to repair or replace your car if a Borrower is responsible for it being damaged or lost and they don’t pay what they owe you under the Member Agreement.

The Owner Guarantee also applies if a Borrower is declined cover by Mobility Mutual, or they don’t pay their excess.

The Owner Guarantee is not insurance. It is not related to Mobility Mutual’s Trip Cover, which is designed to protect Borrowers when they’re using cars through Car Next Door, or to Between-Booking Cover, which protects eligible cars between bookings.

It’s our promise to you, so that you can share your car with confidence.

Read the Owner Guarantee terms and conditions
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