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    • $3,396

      Average annual income for casual sharing

    • $6,802

      Average annual income for 1 car

    • $14,391

      Average annual income for 2 cars

    • $51,802

      Average annual income for 5 cars

    • $103,604

      Average annual income for 10 cars

    We’ve got your back

    • Car Next Door Owner Guarantee

      If your car is damaged or lost during a booking and the responsible Borrower doesn’t pay, we will. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more

    • Safety and support

      We provide 24/7 support, manage payments and verify Borrowers, so you can focus on building your business. Learn more

    You’re set for success

    • Contactless bookings

      Do it all in the Android and iOS app – manage bookings, see your income and get support. Borrowers use the app to get the keys, so you don’t need to meet.

    • Active marketplace

      We’re Australia’s largest car-sharing community, servicing tens of thousands of trips each month – and we’re growing fast.

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    Hear from other Owners

    • Steve

      More shared cars is a win for everyone

      "I’ve built up from sharing one car, to sharing six. It’s a great business - not just because of the return on my investment, but because it helps to reduce the number of wasted cars in the community."

      Read Steve’s story
    • Priyanka

      My car pays for itself

      "I only drive a couple of times a week, and I rent my car out when I’m not using it. The earnings pay for rego and standing costs, so I can invest that money into growing my art business. My car has stopped costing me money and started making me money."

      Read Priyanka’s story
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    We’re on a mission to free people and the planet from the ’one person, one car’ mentality. Every Car Next Door share car takes up to 10 other cars off the road – but we believe we can do even more.

    We offset the carbon emissions from borrowers’ trips through certified renewable energy offsets and are proud supporters of Greenfleet.

    Share your car and be part of the change you want to see.


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