Sustainability and carbon reduction

Planting trees
Every Car Next Door share car takes up to 10 other cars off the road
This alone has a significant impact on carbon emissions, but at Car Next Door we are always seeking ways to do even more to reduce Australia's carbon footprint. This includes offsetting our emissions.

Offsetting our emissions

We are serious about sustainability, and we are offsetting our emissions as part of this.
  • We offset all emissions from Car Next Door trips through Australian Government certified carbon offset purchases
  • We direct a portion of our carbon offset purchases to projects that have benefits beyond carbon offsetting, like reforestation and global development
  • We offset our team’s personal emissions through Greenfleet’s native reforestation projects
  • We’re an active member of Leaders for Climate Action, a business community centred around moving towards a global economy without greenhouse gas emissions
  • We are commissioning a report to better understand our overall impact on carbon emissions

Why we offset emissions

Green neighbourhood

We established Car Next Door to reduce the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere. Sharing existing cars reduces the number of new vehicles that need to be manufactured – and we know the embodied emissions created during the manufacturing process typically match or even exceed exhaust pipe emissions over a car’s lifetime.

Research also tells us that car sharing encourages both borrowers and owners to use cars less often, as they’re more aware of the cost of driving. Through our carbon offsetting activities we’re making sure that the remaining emissions that can’t be avoided are reduced by credible, certified carbon reduction projects.

The future is electric

Car Next Door and Hyundai partnership

We're working with Hyundai to increase the number of planet-friendly cars available to Borrowers, and to make it quick and easy for owners of low-emission Hyundais to list them for rent on Car Next Door. The addition of more hybrid and fully electric cars will make low-emission travel easy and affordable, and help owners of eco-friendly cars offset their car costs.

Our partnership with Hyundai