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Like any community, we have rules to keep everyone safe and happy.

Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

This is the agreement that you enter into when you join Car Next Door. It includes the rules that helps our community of car-sharers run smoothly and safely. If you list a car, the Owner Agreement section also sets out your key rights and responsibilities.

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Owner Supplement

Owner Guarantee

This sets out the terms and conditions of Car Next Door's guarantee that if a Borrower is responsible for damage to your car and doesn't pay, we will.

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Our policies

Our policies

The Damage Policy explains how we deal with damage to vehicles.

The Fees and Penalties Policy sets out the fees that apply in the unlikely event that a member does the wrong thing.

The Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy explains how we hold and use your personal information and exchange information with credit reporting bodies.

The Dispute Resolution Policy explains the process for handling any disputes members may have with us or with another member.

Our partners

We partner with Ampol to make it simpler and easier for our members to access low-cost local cars.


We partner with Hyundai to create a sustainable future for transport. Learn more about our collaboration.

Green Fleet

We proudly support Greenfleet's carbon-reducing reforestation projects. Learn more about our carbon reduction policy.

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