Terms of use update - February 2017

February 2017

Our business and our community have grown, so we have updated our:

The following is a summary of the key changes. It is provided for your convenience only, and may not describe every change that has been made. 

Please read the new versions of the Member Agreement, Damage Policy and Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy. By continuing to use our service and website, you acknowledge and agree to the current terms.

Summary of changes

Member Agreement

Cl. 3.1(a): The minimum member age is reduced from 21 to 18. However, drivers under 21 will only be able to book and use a limited number of cars. They will only be able to book vehicles that occupy on-street parking spaces allocated by a council that requires us to allow access to all drivers over 18 as a condition of occupying those parking spaces.

Cl. 7.3: If a member uploads text or images or other intellectual property material to their member profile, or provides it to Car Next Door, they must ensure that the material is not infringing on any third party IP and that Car Next Door is permitted to use it.

Cl. 8.2: Vehicles that are parked in marked ‘car share only’ parking bays have a maximum booking period of 4 days. This is to comply with car share parking policies in certain council areas.

Cl. 13.3: In the event of an insurance claim, members must tell us if they have any other relevant insurance or claims in progress.

Cl. 15.2, 15.3 and 15.4: If we need to recover a vehicle, we can send a third party to do so and may charge any costs to the relevant borrower.

Cl. 17.2: If a borrower incurs a fine, we may charge their card for the fine amount in addition to, or instead of, notifying the issuing authority and getting the fine transferred to them.

Cl. 21.6(a): We may charge a handling fee for bounced payments, as set out in the Fee Schedule.

Damage Policy 

The policy now:

  • Describes the circumstances in which Car Next Door may contribute to the cost of mechanical damage;
  • Outlines the policy for Car Next Door paying car owners $25 a day if their car is out of action due to a Borrower's fault;
  • Notes that members may email damage reports through to Car Next Door (instead of having to report by phone);
  • Notes that damage or malfunction of electrical components is not covered under the damage policy;
  • Notes that if a Borrower fails to report damage that they have caused, they may have their membership cancelled; and
  • Includes other edits for clarity 

Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy

The policy now: 

  • Notes that the information we collect includes photographs
  • Details how our website, like many websites, uses log files and cookies; and
  • Explains how to request access to your personal information or make a complaint.