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Sharyn’s 2008 Peugeot 207
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PERFECT FOR CITY DRIVING! Halfway between a hatchback and a station wagon, Miss Moneypenny the Peugeot is known as the 'Tourer' model of the 207 series. She is small enough for the city and large enough for a decent supermarket haul or moderate Ikea purchase (rear seats fold down for quite a lot of room in the back). She is a DIESEL manual (no petrol please) and the perfect companion for a drive to Daylesford, Castlemaine, or the beach. Miss Moneypenny features a huge sunroof (non-opening). AUX input is in the glove box; we have a long cable attached so plug in your music and have a great drive! We provide phone chargers and a USB port in the cigarette lighter socket for your use (update: these have been taken and we will not be replacing them) Child seat: We can provide a CHILD BOOSTER seat suitable for children 4-8 years. Suitability is dependent on the child's height and weight: check Victorian regulations for the appropriate child seat for your child. We DO NOT supply INFANT SEATS suitable for young children 0-3 years. BOOSTER SEATS are normally suitable for children older than 4 years, depending on the child's height and weight. Please note that we can't and won't "pre-install" child seats for security and liability reasons. They must be fitted by the parent or guardian prior to the start of the journey. If using any child seat or booster seat in our car, you assume full responsibility for installing the seat correctly to ensure your child’s safety. HIRE an INFANT SEAT

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