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Scott’s 2008 Citroen C4 Picasso Exclusive
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Ponyboy, the gold Citroen is a REAL 7-SEATER people mover, but if you fold down the seats, voila! its a VAN! Mon dieu, le "Tardis"! Ponyboy is surprisingly easy to park and to drive. Very smooth ride. Seating position is quite high so you can see much further ahead. Features the famous Citroen panoramic windscreen as well as a glass roof for amazing sky views. Ponyboy is great for transporting kids and the family, bicycles, large Ikea flat packs, moving house or large pieces of furniture, band equipment (even the drum kit will fit) and camping. A double-bed size inflatable mattress fits in the back when the seats folded down, and you can watch the stars through the massive sunroof in luxurious comfort. An awesome thing that I have to mention is there is a small fridge-like area under the dash that will keep a few cans cold when the air con is on. Thank you French designers! And it has seat warmers. Each passenger has their own air conditioning/heating controls. Those seated in the middle row of seats have a fold down table just like in an aeroplane. Proper luxury. Unfortunately, it won't make you an espresso. Bluetooth FM transmitter supplied. A child booster seat can be supplied if required just let me know in advance, text me! Stay Gold, Ponyboy, Stay Gold! Don't park under a tea-tree. thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Child seat: We DO NOT supply INFANT SEATS suitable for young children 0-3 years. BOOSTER SEATS are normally suitable for children older than 4 years, depending on the child's height and weight. Please note that we can't and won't "pre-install" child seats for security and liability reasons. They must be fitted by the parent or guardian prior to the start of the journey. If using any child seat or booster seat in our car, you assume full responsibility for installing the seat correctly to ensure your child’s safety. HIRE an INFANT SEAT

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