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Stefan’s 2007 Volkswagen Jetta
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Meet Leroy! He is a pleasant car to drive and has an enormous 527 litre boot worthy of a Sir Mixalot tune. Leroy is handsome and well kitted out, with European styling and a number of extras such as a turbo diesel injection engine; AC; leather, heated seats; CD player and sun roof. We keep an USB charger and FM transmitter for mp3 players (use preset for FM 87.5) in the center storage box between the front passenger seats, both can be plugged into the two cigarette lighter plugs. There is a universal smartphone holder attached to the middle driver side air vent. You'll also find hand sanitizer and sunscreen in the glove box, please let us know if you notice those running out before we do. Leroy has a child seat installed and can only seat four adults, and only two of three seats in the back can fold down. PLEASE DON'T MOVE THE CHILD SEAT when borrowing our family car. If you are not familiar with them, child seats take a bit of fiddling to install so they are safe. If you need a car with 5 seats, or that folds down all the back ones, its better you borrow a different vehicle. If you do move the seat, please let us know so that we can be sure its put back in properly

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$6.00per hour$45.00per day
+ $0.33 per km, incl. fuel
Trips must start and end during our pickup hours, 6am - 11pm.
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