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Joe’s 2014 Mazda BT50- flat open tray ute
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The beast! 3.2l turbo diesel. My nice clean ute is available for hire. It has an open tray back for transporting large bulky items no other ute can. Anything from a bed or mattress to a fridge to a motorbike. Use the rear bar if you need to carry timbers overhead upto 6m. One can easily put a tonne of sand bags on the back. She is also neat if you want to tie an esky and some mountain bikes on the back and go away for the weekend, camping or just roll thru the blue mountains for a day. There is straps in the back, a movers blanket, hard hat and hi-vis vest, please leave them there after use. Real men roll up straps neat after use! Tow bar is attached with a rectangular 7pin on 6pin array in 52mm connector. Stats: Length: 5.85m. Minimum height 1.95m at front bar (with M10 bolt removed else 2.05m). Height at rear bar minimum 2.0m, this rear bar is removable. Tray is 1.85m wide and 1.9m long with the rear or side on. Distance between the rear bar is 1.635m tight. Park carefully and dont get tickets, pay attention, drive slowly.

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