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Jonathan’s 2011 Suzuki Kizashi
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Suzi is a beautiful mid-sized car. The front two seats are spacious as are the back seats if you have several passengers for a trip away! The two front seats are electronically operated for adjustments and have electric seat warmers for the cold days and nights. On top of this there is also fully functioning dual climate control which blows through the front as well as the centre console towards the back if you are hot or cold. There is ample boot space for any luggage that needs to be transported as well. The rear seats can be folded down too if you need that little bit of extra room, and have no one else to carry! I have included an iPhone (newer models) charger in the front centre console below the sound system. This will charge your phone when the car is on and you are also able to play music through the USB setting on the sound system as much as you like! I have also included a smartphone holder which can be clipped onto any of the air vents in my car if you need to use it for directions, it is stored in the central console between the two front seats. Just remember to turn that air vent off if you have clipped the smartphone holder on, so you aren't blowing hot or cold air directly onto your phone. There are also front and rear parking sensors for those tricky parallel parks, but make sure it is turned on! The switch is over on the right hand side of the steering wheel and should have a green light to ensure it is on. Ultimately this is a really nice car to drive, containing six gears and reverse, leather seats, cruise control and a sunroof. I hope you enjoy driving it!

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