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Phil’s 2007 Toyota Hilux Workmate
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I bought this ute for its carrying capacity. It has a 300 kg Lyco tailgate lifter at the rear which you can see in this pic stowed vertically, folded in half at the rear of the tray. This allows one person to load heavy fridges etc. It has a three bar roof rack system. Both the front and rear racks lift out. The rear two racks are rated to 350 kg and are approx 2.5 metres apart. Combined with the front rack the three racks span 5.3 metres and you can legally carry up to about 7.5 metre lengths. It has much higher than standard hinged drop sides as you can see in the pic, which let you carry a lot more lose items. It has tie rails down each side plus six recessed tie rings inside the tray itself which are very useful to tie down smaller loads that are lower than the tray sides. It has a non slip aluminium tray approx 2350 mm long by 1800 wide. Provided you tie down your load and use a warning flag, you can drive with the Lyco tailgate unfolded and in it's top position which is exactly flush with the tray and extends it to approx 3,000 mm. It comes with furniture blankets and bands, tie down straps, ropes and a sack truck. I've moved entire kitchens in one trip. For instructions on using the Lyco lifter and other functions of this ute, check out this video (copy and paste text into the URL):

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