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Viz’s 2015 Hyundai iMax
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Stan the Cargo Van is ideal for a trip to Ikea, Bunnings or when moving houses! He's been converted to a moving van (like an iLoad), and is in great condition only 3 years old. Many available vans are manual, but thankfully Stan is an AUTOMATIC! CARGO DIMENSIONS: 2.5m long, 1.6m wide and 1.3m high. There is no wall or mesh fence between cargo area and front row seats, which gives you a bit more length to play with. Stan has more than enough space to move a queen bed, couch, dining table or several bikes. He makes loading and unloading simple with a sliding door on both sides. He has carpet installed throughout which will keep your goods free from any scratches and from sliding around. Stan will keep your goods secure with privacy glass used for the cargo area, and he's equipped with an alarm too, just to make sure. You'll find him easy to drive, and he has a reverse camera and rear sensors to make parking easier. He has bluetooth to connect your phone and an aux port for your ipod. If you're thinking of a cheap roadtrip getaway, Stan can also host you in his trunk, easily fitting a double blow up bed in the back, camp gear and all (many people have turned these cars into campervans!). If this is something you're interested in, please get in touch with me. Whether its moving day, time for a new fridge or bunk bed, Stan will do the job for you and he's ready to make the job a breeze! Please note: Dry Loads Only: no excessively wet/dirty/muddy loads and no ‘trips to the dump’. Please take care of Stan so others can also benefit.

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