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Claire’s 2013 Volkswagen Polo
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Looking for a car? Look no further than my VW Polo - Marco! Marco is comfortable and easy to drive. Navigate Melbourne’s busy streets with a good sound system, bluetooth connection, air conditioning and rear-parking assist. Marco comes with many awesome features that you will enjoy. - Bluetooth connection for making calls whilst driving (we also provide a phone holder) - AUX input - USB charging port in glovebox (pls bring your own charger!) - Tinted windows for a little more privacy - Back him up with help from the rearparking sensors - Electric windows - Plenty of cup holders to stow all of your beverages - A sizeable boot - The rear seats fold down to give you more boot space Despite being a 2013 model, Marco has less than 30,000km on his clock. He has also just had a major service so is ready to go on an adventure with you! If you're interested in booking my car long-term (more than 3 days in a row), please reach out to me via email. I will be happy to offer you a discount on the booking. If you have any other special requests, please feel free to send me an email.

Folding Rear Seat
Air Conditioning
AUX Input
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$8.00per hour$28.00per day
+ $0.33 per km, incl. fuel
This vehicle is unavailable. Please search for another vehicle to book.
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