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Mike’s 2008 Ford Falcon
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Special price! Limited time only. Huge Value! New to CND? Use the promo code MKHHWK for a $15 discount on your first hire: UTE WITH CANOPY / CAGED UTE / Kind of Small Van - NO STRAPS NEEDED! Canopy measurements : Tall 90 m or 3 f Wide 180 m or 6 f REVERSE CAMERA INSTALLED. Need to move a big load? / Pick up some Gumtree finds? / Do your IKEA and Bunnings trips or move house in the right vehicle? The Ford Falcon is the perfect workhorse for the job! Easy to drive, automatic with a powerful 6 cyl, 4.0 L engine will take you from A to B with ease. This is an excellent condition Ute which is kind of Van with a large tray with completely lockable and openable canopy with windows from 3 sides (Key is provided, simply use same key for all locks of the canopy windows). Great for moving as well as many other applications. Clean, comfortable and spacious Ute / Van which also includes: ‣ Mobile phone/devices charging port and mobile mount 360-degree ‣ Sunshade provided with tinted windows' windscreen to help keep the car cool ‣ Rear view mirror to check your blind spot and drive safely ‣ CD player and Radio with audio controls on steering wheel ‣ Cruise Control and Air Condition ‣ 2 pairs of general work gloves, rope, 3 straps, tonneau cover (If you need to use them please don't hesitate to help yourself).

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This vehicle is unavailable. Please search for another vehicle to book.
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