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Laura’s 2006 Mini Cooper S
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The Park Lane is all about luxury. It has grey leather seats and a two-tone leather-wrapped steering wheel. The posh Mini adds climate control air conditioning, extra chrome touches inside and out, Harman/Kardon premium CD sound and 16-inch alloy wheels with run-flat tyres. The Cooper S has a supercharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine with 125kW and 220Nm and is front-wheel drive, It is 1215kg, which helps it do 0-100km/h in 7.2 seconds. This isn't lightning pace, but straight-line speed is not what the Mini is about. This car is about agility. An early morning run along the Great Ocean Rd confirms how much fun you can have in the Cooper S. The hatch is at home on the slippery wet, twisting tarmac. It is great fun to wind up the small engine and tip the Cooper S into the turns. With the supercharger whining away as it spins up, the Cooper S makes it feel like you are going faster than you really are. The Mini has four seats, but only the front two have any reasonable legroom. Small children would be OK in the back, but larger passengers would find it a squeeze. The Park Lane's premium sound system is awesome, the speakers look cool. Boot space is limited, but you can fit in a few bags of shopping. What it lacks in practicality, the Cooper S makes up for in charm. Enjoy!

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