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Aneta’s 2005 Honda CR-V
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Hi there! My name is Togo, and I am an SUV :) I have been always treated with great amount of love like a family member (I have a name after all), and that's how I managed to not look my age and make it so pleasant for you to drive me. The visibility from inside is great, and make it a real pleasure to drive. Rear parking sensors will help you park comfortably. Even though the car looks big - it parks really easy, and actually is shorter than most sedans. You will find couple of useful supplementary equipment that comes with the car to keep you safe and comfy: - Bluetooth set: just press and hold the 'send' button (middle) to pair with your Bluetooth device, and don't have to worry about your phone while driving (next time you borrow, it should be enough just to push the button once, and it should automatically connect). - Phone holder - Android Phone charger (works for the Bluetooth set as well if it is hungry) - 3x USB slots for your own cables to charge multiple devices (but please do so only when the engine is running) - Some CDs with music (feel free to BYO and leave them inside for others if you want to share your music). Unfortunately, there is no USB slot in the radio. - Sunroof (I feel like I should have started with that one) - Cruise control (right from the steering wheel) - There is a picnic table in the trunk, feel free to make use of it. - After folding rear seats - it can bring you anything IKEA has in offer with no trouble.

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