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Jodi’s 2008 Ford Falcon
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Station Wagon







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Meet Betty. She's awesome for open road touring, big shopping trips, camping and festivals. Big roomy interior, roof racks, powerful engine, cruise control, great aircon, and runs on LPG so she's super efficient. LOADS of cabin space and room in the back; rear seats fold flat. You can't quite swing a cat, but you could probably swing a kitten. We took her on a road trip to Gold Coast with four people plus luggage, in comfort. Electric front windows and mirrors, steering-mounted cruise and stereo controls ("drive by wire"), and plenty of get-up-and-go (sports semi-auto transmission with optional manual shifter, if that matters to you). When you stomp your foot down she jumps like a frog from 100kph to 130kph in about 5 seconds for passing on the highway. There is a plastic tub with a basic first aid kit, ratchet straps, a couple of stretch straps, a couple of head torches with spare batteries, and a blanket in case of emergencies. There's also a rope and a tarp stashed behind the spare wheel. Wheel jack is in the panel behind the spare wheel. Reusable shopping bags are tucked under the driver seat. If you happen to use up, lose, or break anything, please replace it before you return the car. Look after Betty and she'll look after you. Drive safe and have a great time!

Folding Rear Seat
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