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Toni’s 2013 Jeep Wrangler
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***!!!! Please read full description and additional infomation BEFORE booking my car. !!!!*** DO NOT TAKE OFF ROAD. DO NOT TAKE OFF ROAD. DO NOT TAKE OFF ROAD. DO NOT TAKE OFF ROAD. DO NOT TAKE OFF ROAD. Great fun car for a trip to the beach or around town, very agile it feels a bit like a buggy. DO NOT TAKE OFF ROAD. You will be liable for any and all damage if the car is taken off road including the additional mechanical wear and tear. If you wish to drive off road please take someone elses car. DO NOT DRIVE MY CAR OFF ROAD. This includes any untarmaced surface (dirt tracks, fire trials, camping, on ice or snow, on sand, on rocks, on grass, on mud, or any other surface which is not asfelt). Front section of roof can be taken off and stored in the boot without the use of any tools if you’re looking to get some wind in your hair. *** please contact me if you wish to take the roof off, if you take it off you must put it back on correctly and securely. Please send me a message with your intention and again at the end of your trip to let me know that it is on securely and that no damage has happened as a result of you taking the roof off. Please provide pictures as evidence **** DO NOT TAKE THE ROOF OFF IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PUT IT BACK ON CORRECTLY. Videos are in youtube and it is the exact oposite of the process of taking it off. Short wheel base and easy to park. Back seats fold down flat to leave a large boot space if back seats not in use. Please do not put dirty, sandy, wet or muddy things in the car. If you do please ensure the car is cleaned before returning it. No pets allowed due to hairs being left in the car. If you would like to take a pet then please message me to discuss. If you plan to drive outside if Sydney please do not drive my car. This is due to CND policy not protecting me sufficiently in the case that anything happens more than 20km from my Home address. Appologies for inconvienience.

Folding Rear Seat
Air Conditioning
AUX Input
Rent this car for
$20.00per hour$100.00per day
+ $0.45 per km, incl. fuel
Trips must start and end during our pickup hours, 6am - 11pm.
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