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Kate’s 2009 Ford Fiesta
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This Silver Ford Fiesta Econetic is an eco-friendly manual vehicle that's super easy to drive. It is surprisingly spacious for a small car and the boot can handle a LOT. The car is just getting used to its new VIC location, so please excuse the NSW licence plate... (NSW plates have holes in all the wrong places so rear plate is a little wonky! Will be upgrading to VIC plates very soon...) There is bluetooth and pairing your phone is really easy - though advise doing this before you start driving so you stay safe when taking calls on the road. CD player and a rather oldschool selection of CDs in the glove-box should you get bored with radio - but if you're planning a long trip and are picky about your music I suggest packing your own CDs! There is a double adaptor phone charger in the glovebox, but only has one chord for iPhone 6... May want to bring other chords (or other USB phone charging attachment) if you need to charge your car whilst on the road. There are also soft racks in the boot so you can attach surfboards or other fun objects to the roof if you wish. :-) Very easy car to drive and reverse parking is a DREAM! Fits anywhere and everywhere. Perfect for city outings!

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