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Sarah’s 2002 Nissan Elgrand
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People Mover







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Beloved of movie stars and the Yakuza, this Elgrand is incredibly easy to drive and park. It has good visibility and a reversing camera. It is a fun, very flexible vehicle that seats up to 7 people, 6 if all your passengers need arm-rests. Full leather luxury, pink and blue interior lights, 2 sunroofs, good sound system and built in TV screen (for watching NTSC formatted DVDs only). Automatic passenger side sliding door. Remote controlled aircon and audio for passengers. Many, many cupholders. Drink coolers. Curtains. Fully reclining seats. Foot rests. The middle row of passenger seats rotate, for those moments you wish you had stayed at home in the lounge room. A great car for delivering a group of kids to their formal. The rear seats fold up against the sides, so you can use this car to move big things - it is a van, afterall. Approximate interior rear dimensions with the back seats folded up: 1700 long, 1230 high, 1000 wide at the narrowest point. There is about 200mm clearance between the seats if you need to move something long and narrow.

Folding Rear Seat
Air Conditioning
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$9.00per hour$75.00per day
+ $0.33 per km, incl. fuel
Trips must start and end during our pickup hours, 6am - 11pm.
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