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Jesse’s 2010 Hyundai iLoad
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The great thing about the iLoad is they drive like a Ferrari but you can fit a baby-grand in the back ! This van is in excellent condition and spotlessly clean - inside & out! It's reliable and has heaps of space, roof racks, reversing camera and auto transmission. It runs like a dream with a powerful DIESEL engine and a very small turning circle - so it's really easy to manoeuvre! It's fun to drive and easy to park back home with plenty of free parking close to its location. Move anything you need! 🚐 Automatic 🚐 5 door (sliding doors on both sides for easy loading/unloading) - remote central locking 🚐 AUX input & USB charger with mobile cables for iPhone or Android (please leave in glovebox for my next customer) 🚐 Reversing camera 🚐 Full Bluetooth connectivity for phone & external devices 🚐 Great sound system with steering wheel controls 🚐 Heating + A/C, power steering, large mirrors etc make the trip very comfortable. 🚐 Driver & passenger airbags 🚐 Roof racks 🚐 3 front seats or 2 (fold-down centre seat) 🚐 Side windows for extra visibility & parking 🚐 Multiple tie down points 🚐 Some large blankets, strong ratchet straps for the roof racks and occy straps for inside included (please remember to return all this stuff!) 🚐 Hand trolley to help with heavy stuff 🚐 First Aid kit which I hope you wont need 🚐 Can fit a queen size mattress (diagonal) Dimensions: 🚐 Van Height: 2200mm (2.20mm) 🚐 Cargo Length: 2375 mm (about 2.4m) 🚐 Cargo Width: 1620 mm (about 1.6m) 🚐 Cargo Height: 1340 mm (about 1.3m) 🚐 Distance between wheel arches 1272 mm 🚐 Total Vol = 4308L. Yes - it will fit a Queen size bed and yes it is bigger in the back than a Toyota Hiace. I want my van to be a breeze for you to drive! To save both of us a headache please remember! ***THE CAR IS A DIESEL ENGINE*** ***NO PETROL*** pretty please! :) Thank you and enjoy! If you need more info about the van you can look here: and here for a glowing review

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