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Our community is built on
Trust and Safety

Our team works hard every day keeping our platform safe and secure and providing our members with the great service they've come to expect from Car Next Door. Here's how we've built a platform you can trust.

Car sharing you can depend on

Member screening

We run credit checks and ID checks to verify members' identities using face ID technology.

Owner Guarantee

If your car is damaged or lost during a booking and the responsible Borrower doesn’t pay, we will. Terms & conditions apply. Learn more

Trip Cover

When you book a trip, you’re covered by Mobility Mutual with damage and loss protection that’s designed for peer-to-peer car sharing. Learn more

Dedicated 24/7 support

Our team is standing by to help with issues or questions that may arise. Roadside assistance is there if you need it.

Our trip promise

Our team is committed to your safety, providing 24/7 support for every trip.

Designed with security in mind

Community reviews

At the end of each trip Borrowers and Owners review each other, so you can see what others thought of each car or Borrower.

Smart community management

We monitor members' behaviour and warn or permanently ban anyone who doesn't act in the best interests of our community.

Secure payments

Payments are processed using bank-level encryption and card details are stored securely by our payment provider, Stripe.

Member profiles

Trust builds as we get to know each other. Each member's profile shows the trips they've taken and reviews other members have left for them.

Whether you borrow or share, your safety is our priority

Borrowing cars

We require owners to keep their cars registered, maintained and roadworthy. All trips include damage and loss cover.

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Sharing your car

We screen all Borrowers and remove members who don't abide by our Community Guidelines. All bookings come with damage cover and we're on hand to help with any issues.

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Our partners

We partner with Ampol to make it simpler and easier for our members to access low-cost local cars.


We partner with Hyundai to create a sustainable future for transport. Learn more about our collaboration.

Green Fleet

We proudly support Greenfleet's carbon-reducing reforestation projects. Learn more about our carbon reduction policy.

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