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Looking to rent a van in Australia? There are hundreds of utes belonging to real people on Car Next Door. Whatever you need a van for - Car Next Door has something for you. With your free membership, you can choose from hundreds of vans around the country. We have vans close to home, airports and train stations to help you get around.

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Why borrow Vans with Car Next Door?

Car sharing is an easy way to get around that’s good for your wallet, your community and the environment.

Share with your neighbours
Our cars are owned by people in your community.
Reduce your carbon footprint
With our partner Greenfleet, we've planted over 25,000 trees.
Live car-free
When you really need a car, you can just borrow one.
Expand your car options
Borrow a van for moving house or a convertible for a roadtrip.

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Hiring a van in Australia - Useful Information

If you’re moving house, heading on an IKEA run or need to pick up your latest Gumtree bargain, hiring a van is an easy and affordable way to get the job done.

Where to hire a van

You can hire a van from a rental car company or from a car-sharing service like Car Next Door.

Hiring a van from a traditional agency requires a bit of organisation: you’ll need to book in advance, go to the depot during opening hours, and fill out some paperwork. A lot of rental car depots close around lunchtime on weekends, so if you need a van on Saturday or Sunday, you’ll need to be quick or pay for an extra day.

Car Next Door is much more convenient. There’s no paperwork: just join for free in five minutes and once we verify your account you can book a van near you instantly for the time you need. You can hire a moving van right or something different in your neighbourhood, and pick up and return at a time that suits you.

How much does it cost to hire a van?

With a rental car agency you’ll pay a daily rate for hiring the van, plus the fuel you use and extra fees to reduce your insurance excess. This could add up to over $150 a day.

Rates for hiring vans through Car Next Door start at $8 an hour or $40 a day, plus distance, booking and damage cover charges. Get extra peace of mind by reducing your excess for just $1.50 an hour or $18 a day. You can book for as little as one hour, so if you only need a van for a few hours you won’t be stuck paying for a whole day.

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