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Van Rental in Sydney

Need a rental van in Sydney? There are hundreds of real people’s vans of all types listed on Car Next Door. It doesn't matter if you require a moving van, a minibus or a people mover- Car Next Door has something for you. Borrowing a van from your neighbour is up to 50% less expensive than a traditional rental van company. In fact, the average price per hour for a rental van in Sydney is just $10.20 (plus fuel) with Car Next Door. It’s free to become a member, and because the keys are at the car, you can skip the rental counter!

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Some useful information when hiring a van in Sydney

Even if you already own a car, sometimes you need something a little bigger to move house or transport big items. Hiring a van for a few hours or a couple of days is the cheapest and easiest way to get the job done.

Unlike renting from hire car companies, borrowing a van through a car-sharing service like Car Next Door is really flexible. If you only need a van for a few hours, you’ll only pay for the time you actually need. Plus you and pick up and return the van at a time that suits you – no more hiking to the rental depot during business hours!

How much does it cost to hire a van in Sydney?

Hiring a van from a rental company can cost well over $150 a day by the time you include fuel and extra fees to reduce your insurance excess. Rates for borrowing a van from Car Next Door start at $10 an hour or $40 a day, plus distance charges (from 33c per Km).

Do you need a special licence to drive a van in Sydney?

You can drive a van on a normal New South Wales or overseas car licence, provided it weighs less than 4.5 tonnes and has a maximum of 12 seats. This includes all standard moving vans, and all cars available for hire on Car Next Door.

Is insurance included?

When you borrow cars with Car Next Door, you’re covered with comprehensive insurance policy.

If you’re responsible for any damage to a car you borrow, you’ll need to pay for the cost of the repairs up to the amount of your Damage and Loss Liability. The Damage and Loss Liability works like an insurance excess, capping the amount you’ll need to pay if you are responsible for damage.

As with all insurance policies, there are some exclusions to the cover. These include driving off-road or to the snow, towing, and driving more than 500km from the car’s homezone without permission.

How Does Car Next Door Work?

The process of hiring a van with Car Next Door is a little different than with a traditional rental company - but much easier as you can get all the admin done at home then collect the van from a street near you.

After completing the sign-up process to become a borrower, you’re free to drive any of the vans listed on our website. Book via the app or website, and use the app to find the van and collect the keys. Once you’ve finished using the vehicle, you’ll need to return it to its homezone location.

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