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Australia's worst suburbs for free parking.

Is your suburb #1? Find out where it ranks.

We analysed over 130,000 journeys in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane making this the biggest analysis of free parking in Australia.

If you live in one of the worst suburbs you could be spending up to 5 hours looking for free parking each month.

How does your suburb rank?

Enter your suburb to find out where your suburb ranks against the worst suburbs for free parking in Australia.

Worst 3 Suburbs for Each City
This list excludes suburbs with under 120 recorded trips.

Perhaps not too surprising that Sydney takes the top spot overall for the worst free parking in Australia.




Top 10 Worst Suburbs for Parking
This list excludes suburbs with under 120 recorded trips.

These are the overall averages for the whole suburb at any time of day.

Top 10 Worst Suburbs for Parking at Peak Times
For accuracy, this list is limited to periods with at least 45 trips.

Good luck finding free parking in these suburbs on weekends and public holidays.

See what suburbs around you have good or bad free parking
This heatmap includes the average time to find free parking for the suburb at any time of the day.

Use the map to explore and find the best and worst free parking suburbs near you.

How this data was calculated

We analysed the gps data for 132,000 trips

We excluded any vehicles that had council parking permits or dedicated parking spots like a driveway

We only included trips where the car was ultimately parking in an untimed, free parking spot on the street

We excluded city CBDs from the rankings as there are almost no free, untimed parking spaces

We started the clock when the car entered a 400m radius of where it was parked at the end of the trip

For accuracy, we only included suburbs with over 120 trips recorded in the overall rankings

How you can avoid the hassle of trying to find free parking

Park outside of the busiest suburbs and walk to your destination, a bit of exercise is always good

Take public transport

Ride a bike

Try car sharing and borrow cars that have dedicated parking spots near you

Or see our friends at Parkhound!

Browse and book thousands of cheap parking spaces with our friends, Parkhound. Parkhound matches you with local Aussie hosts who have space to spare so you can save 50% on your parking and never have to circle the block again.

Have you thought about ditching your car and trying car sharing?

Car sharing is a great way to reduce congestion on our roads with each shared car taking as many as 10 new cars off the road. Get all of the benefits of owning your own car with none of the additional hassles or costs of ownership.

Use our Car Cost Calculator to find out how much you could be saving by switching to car sharing.

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