Rates and plans

How much will my trip cost?

You pay for the time you have the car, and the distance you drive. If you’re on our no-monthly-fee Featherweight plan, your total will include a booking fee and your optional damage liability reduction fee.

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Prices include insurance, breakdown cover and fuel

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Hourly and daily prices are set by the car owners, starting at $5/hour and $25/day. Billing in 15-minute increments means you only pay for the time you need.

Check out the pricing for different car types.
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You pay 33 cents for each kilometre you drive. This includes fuel. It also covers the car owner’s costs of wear and tear from this driving.

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Booking fee

Booking is FREE on our Heavyweight plan. Pay just $5 per booking if you’re on our no-monthly-fee Featherweight plan.

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Optional damage liability reduction

You can choose the maximum amount you’ll pay in the event of an accident. The Heavyweight monthly plan includes top cover for every trip. The Featherweight monthly plan lets you add extra damage cover when you book a trip.

Here are the rates.
Borrowers rates and plans map

Example: Sarah’s day around town cost less than $37

Sarah borrowed Andrew’s car for a day around town.

Time cost: $25 for the day

Distance cost: $11.88

Booking Fee: $0 (because Sarah is on the Heavyweight plan)

Damage Liability Cover Reduction: $0 (because Sarah is on the Heavyweight plan)

TOTAL: $36.88

Choose a membership plan

$0 p/m$19 p/m
Booking fee$5$0
Hourly and daily ratesRates are set by car owners, starting from $5/hr and $25/day.Here are some indicative rates.
Per km rates$0.33 per kilometre (this includes fuel)
If you are responsible for damage, you will pay up to the first:
Ages 25+$2,000$500
Ages 21–24$2,500$1,000
You can reduce your damage liability on a trip-by-trip basis.Here are the rates.
DepositThere are no deposits, but we’ll place a pre-authorisation on your card before each booking.Learn more ...
Will I Need To Pay A Deposit Or Card Pre-Authorisation When I Book A Car?

You won't need to pay a deposit but instead we may put a 10-day hold on your card to secure your booking. (That’s a ‘pre-authorisation’ in bank-speak). The hold will be for an amount between $300 and $500, depending on factors including whether you’re a local or an overseas visitor and your credit history. We will always tell you the amount before we put a hold on your card. This amount is set aside by your card provider, but your account won’t be debited until final payment is processed. The pre-authorisation ensures that there will be funds on your card to pay for the booking, including any damage, fees, fines or tolls we get notice of after your booking ends.

Car Next Door compared to traditional car share or owning a car

Owning a carLeading traditional car share serviceCar Next Door
Medium use: driving 1–2 times a week (three 3-hour bookings and two all-day bookings each month)$482 per month$315 per month$190 per month
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